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Resolving Real Estate Issues For Clients Throughout Washington

Welcome to Burrwood Law Group, PLLC, your steadfast guide through the complexities of real estate transactions. We are experienced attorneys who bring a wealth of knowledge to each transaction we help with. We also work with homeowner associations (HOA), advising them on various legal matters.

Whether you are an individual, a commercial client or an HOA client, we are here to support you. We will give personalized attention to your concerns and work hard to resolve them efficiently.

Navigating Real Estate Transactions

Our services are tailored to encompass all aspects of real estate law, ensuring a seamless process for our clients. We assist parties with:

  • Due diligence reviews
  • Financing and mortgage documentation
  • Lease agreements and negotiations
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Title searches and examinations

With our attorneys by your side, you’ll navigate these matters with ease, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your real estate goals.

The Burrwood Advantage: A Family Team

Choosing Burrwood Law Group means opting for a unique advantage – our husband and wife attorney team. Zach Burr and Kristi Wood are a dynamic duo who will bring a harmonious blend of professional insight and personal dedication to your real estate endeavors. Their combined experience in construction law, along with project development and management, provides clients a comprehensive understanding of the industry that is rare to find.

Join Our Client Family

Our lawyers are ready to help you embark on your journey to real estate success. Our doors are open for you: we offer free consultations at our Browns Point office. Connect with us at 253-881-7730 or over email to discuss how we can assist in advancing your property interests.